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Viewpoint: Lucia Maddaloni - Future of remanufacturing

Sunday, 9 July 2023

Trans Tek, a leading company in the automotive sector, has been dealing with the regeneration of automatic transmissions and the sale of spare parts for decades. Lucia Maddaloni, owner of Trans Tek, tells us about her company and the future of regeneration.

  1. What motivated Trans Tek to choose Rematec Amsterdam 2023 to showcase their company? 
    This is not the first time we have participated in Rematec Amsterdam; this is our fourth participation. We believe this edition is the most important one, as we had to wait four years to return due to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2019. Our presence is primarily driven by the importance of being close to our international clients who would otherwise be forced to come to southern Italy to see us in our presence and present our innovations in the field of remanufacturing.

  2. What is Trans Tek's technological and commercial strategy in the field of remanufacturing? 
    Our focus is to make our customers aware of our major innovation, AGP Automatic Gear Parts, a web catalogue offering a virtual journey inside automatic transmissions. With just a few clicks, users can identify a transmission and access all the information related to both the service and spare parts. Additionally, we provide manuals that assist automotive mechanics and distributors in the complete remanufacturing process. 

  3. Circular economy is the keyword. How can your company be considered an added value for both customers and the environment? 
    We have been pioneers in the concept of the circular economy. For the past 30 years, we have been suppliers of recycled products to Fiat. Remanufacturing primarily offers customers a more affordable product compared to a genuine one (what we call "new again"). From an environmental perspective, it significantly reduces the environmental impact, for example, by recovering the core of a transmission, which adds real value. We are confident that through a regeneration process that meets high-quality standards, we can breathe new life into something that would otherwise be destined to perish.
  4. How does Trans Tek see its future and the future of remanufacturing? 
    Our industry has certainly been greatly affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are emerging from it due to the inherent cost-saving concept of remanufactured products. We are a large company with 110 mechanics dedicated primarily to the remanufacturing of automatic transmissions and related parts, such as converters, which can rightfully be considered genuine spare parts. Currently, our company consists of four factories. We provide a 12-month warranty on our remanufactured products. We see a bright future ahead because we firmly believe that more and more people will be conscious of the importance of protecting the environment while also being mindful of cost savings.

  5. Regarding market positioning, how is your company positioned nationally and internationally? 
    Trans Tek was founded 40 years ago in southern Italy as a small mechanical workshop. It specialized in remanufacturing and then, for over 15 years, ventured into the delivery world. While the company delivers spare parts to more than 25 countries worldwide, the market for remanufactured products is primarily in Europe. This is because the distance between the workshop involved in the remanufacturing process and the destination countries of the finished product is relatively short, ensuring prompt intervention in case of emergencies. Currently, we have a branch in Cordoba, Argentina, where we focus on the South American market in terms of production and delivery of remanufactured parts. In the future, we are open to expanding our horizons.

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