Q&A Daniel J. Vukelich
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Q&A Daniel J. Vukelich

Monday, 27 March 2017

Daniel J. Vukelich, president Association of Medical Device Reprocessors

Q Dan – how did you get into this industry?
A I came to Washington DC for college and to pursue my passion for policy. After working on a campaign for a senator, I came upon the opportunity to join a young trade association.

Q And that was AMDR?
A I’ve been with them for 17 years! In addition to representing the reprocessing industry in the US, I also represent the industry before the European Union, Canada, Japan and other international bodies. As a lawyer, the regulatory side of the industry – both in countries adopting regulations for reprocessing and those on the cusp of regulation – is an aspect of my work that I feel has the greatest potential to affect change and to create a pathway for access to the safety, savings and sustainability benefits that SUD reprocessing brings to hospitals, doctors and the patients they serve.

Q What lessons do you think different sectors can learn from one another?
We must all learn to do more with less, and AMDR is encouraged and excited to learn from other sectors also producing more financially and environmentally sustainable products for consumers. Financial and environmental sustainability are issues that will continue to be focuses in healthcare and issues that we think span across business sectors.

Q What types of things do you want to find out from them?
A We hope to collaborate with other sectors on how we as remanufacturing industries can better engage and educate customers, end users, policy makers and regulators on the unique value proposition we offer.


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