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Valeo commits to achieve carbon neutrality

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Remanufacturing at the center of Valeo’s aftermarket approach: I care for the planet

Sustainability is at the heart of Valeo’s DNA, and the company sees it as a major growth opportunity, says Valeo’s Marlène Carrias-Iked, VP Strategic Marketing, Digital & Innovation - Valeo Service.

In a recent interview, Carrias-Iked emphasized Valeo's commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality, discussing its "CAP50" plan, which aims to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030 and highlights the importance of circularity in the industry. Carrias-Iked also focuses on Valeo's "I Care 4 the Planet" strategy within their aftermarket activities, specifically highlighting their expertise in remanufacturing and their plans to expand the range of renovated products, including those for electric vehicles.

What were Valeo's key orientations in its strategy for reducing CO2 emissions?

More than 10 years ago, Valeo announced a visionary strategy, based on two key orientations; firstly dedicate two thirds of our advanced research investment towards solutions reducing CO2 emissions and secondly make our low CO2 technologies represent more than one third of our sales by 2020. Our vision became reality!

Conscious of the essential transition and its responsibility as a key mobility player, Valeo took a major step forward in 2021 by committing to contributing to carbon neutrality through 2050. By 2030, we will be halfway there: Valeo’s emissions will have decreased by 45% across the entire value chain — including emissions from its suppliers, its own operating activities and the end use of its products, across their whole lifespan - compared with 2019. Our “CAP50” plan is at the heart of our corporate strategy.

The next major milestone is clearly the better circularity of the industry, and the greater preservation of our planet's resources. To address this challenge, Valeo has set a 4Rs framework: Robustify, Repair, Remanufacture and Recycle. Valeo's Sustainability Strategy encompasses original equipment as well as aftermarket activities.

What areas does Valeo Service's "I Care 4 the Planet" strategy focus on?

In line with the Group Sustainability plan, through the “I Care 4 the Planet” strategy, Valeo Service, Valeo’s entity dedicated to aftermarket activities, is fully committed to take initiatives to progressively reduce the adverse impact on the environment of automotive aftermarket and to support its professional partners to contribute to a more sustainable aftermarket.

It concerns three areas: more sustainable product portfolio, more sustainable packaging and more sustainable logistics between factories and customers.

The “I Care 4 the Planet” program is the extension of 40 years of expertise in remanufacturing with Valeo Reman which covers currently following automotive parts: brake calipers, starters, alternators, dual mass flywheels, torque converters, dual wet clutches, heavy duty clutches and air conditioning compressors. At Valeo, 80% of the material of these Reman products is reused. Thanks to its high level of expertise, Valeo is capable to reman its own products but also other premium products from OE competitors.

How many parts does Valeo currently remanufacture each year in Europe, and what is their target for 2030?

It represents more than 1 million parts remanufactured every year by Valeo in Europe.

By 2030, we will double this volume. Not only are we significantly accelerating our offer through the launch of more than 550 references on existing products categories, but we will also expand the range of renovations on more technical product categories such as e-compressor, e-drive, concentric pneumatic actuator (CV), torque converter. Valeo will extend its remanufacturing portfolio to answer to the growing electronization of the cars driven by EV and ADAS. The Group will start remanufacturing products with integrated electronics, such as front cameras, electronic compressors, as well as high voltage powertrain systems. For example, the remanufacturing of Front Camera is expected to start in S2 2023.

Because there is no “one-size-fits all” in mobility, diversity is key in the urban environment of today, we also work on micro mobility. We need electric technologies to power e-bikes, e-scooters, e-motorbikes, e-rickshaws or electric delivery droids. It is essential to tackle the urban mobility of the future. And Valeo has decided to be a key player in that field. We are happy to announce that our remanufacturing portfolio will go beyond automobiles, starting with eBike Motor.

What level of quality does Valeo offer in their remanufactured products, and what warranty period do they provide?

When it comes to remanufacturing, Valeo offers the same level of quality as our production standard for new parts. More than 100 engineers are involved in remanufacturing to regularly extend the products range and to implement dedicated manufacturing processes and robust testing procedures in terms of performance, confort, noise and vibrations. Valeo offers a minimum of two-year warranty period for remanufactured products.

How does Valeo help automotive aftermarket professionals identify environmentally friendly products?

In order to help automotive aftermarket professionals to make their right sustainable choice, Valeo has created a unique identification mark in the industry which allow them to identify respectful products for the environment “I Care 4 the Planet,” which is progressively deployed in all communication and digital interfaces

Reman also stands for affordability; in this period of purchasing power tension, we allow workshop owners to propose a more affordable alternative to drivers who could postpone the maintenance or repair of their vehicle.

In conclusion, we can say that Reman responds to three automotive challenges: the scarcity of resources thanks to the high percentage of raw materials reuse, climate change, thanks to its sustainable positive impact and inflation, thanks to more affordable prices.

Rematec, of which Valeo has been an historic partner, presents a unique opportunity for Valeo to showcase our response to these challenges.
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Programme item: Valeo 4Rs of Circular Economy: Robustify, Repair, Remanufacture & Recycle, by Mino Yamamoto, Valeo Group Circular Economy Director - 28/06/23 - 10:30-11:00


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