mera symbolises new approach
Thursday, 06 December 2018

MERA symbolises new approach

MERA – The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing, has unveiled a new logo which emphasises reman’s place in the circular economy. The organisation has taken the well-known recycling logo and added one extra arrow. “We’re passionate about helping the perception of reman catch up with the reality,” says MERA president John Chalifoux. “And we’re doing it with the facts on our side, and some good old-fashioned marketing.”He said the three ‘Rs’ of the environment – reduce, re-use, recycle – are captured in the recycling symbol: “As we continue our work to raise the awareness and acceptance of remanufacturing – to change the narrative, if you will – MERA and its members have added a fourth ‘R’ – reman - to the discussion. As with the other Rs, reman minimises the impact on the environment, but it should occur before we recycle:Reduce. Reuse. Reman. Recycle.”

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