Rematec celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day!
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Rematec celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Here’s how the ReMaTec team celebrates remanufacturing during the first Global Remanufacturing Day. An action-packed day…..!

09:00 hours – Happy remanday! A playlist with 36 covers better than the original!
We’re starting remanday with the power of sound! The ReMaTec team composed a reman-themed playlist of ‘36 Covers that are better than the original’! Aiming to get PR attention from radio stations for remanufacturing, but foremost to wish all industry professionals a Happy ReManDay with good tunes!

10:00 hours – A Strategy session with the ReMaTec core team in the InspirationLAB
Niels, Yorien and Evelien get together for a strategy session. On the agenda are the learnings we took with us from the ReMaTec advisory board meeting we had in Poland recently.

Rematec celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day!
12:00 hours – Facebook shout out to our reman mentors during lunch.
Everyone has a mentor. This can be anyone, but they had the ability to elevate you in ways you never expected. Niels, Yorien and Evelien created a facebook shout outs to people who helped them progress in the world of remanufacturing. Be bold and put your mentor, friend or colleague in the spotlight. Feel free to use our special remanday Facebook frame to make it official

12:00 hours – Social shout out to global reman professionals network during lunch.
Feel free to use the special remanday Facebook frame to celebrate Global Remanufacturing Day with your reman friends.

Rematec celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day!

13:30 hours – An extended ReMaTec team gets together for a brand session
We have 3 new members to the ReMaTec team: Sander, Wanda and Amber have joined the team recently, so it is time to get them up to speed on remanufacturing, ReMaTec 2019 and ReMaTecNews, plus the Remanufacturer of the Year awards.

15:00 hours – Sending out a Special ReMaTecNews E-newsletter
Sending out our forthnightly ReMaTecNews e-newslettter. Today it is a special containing articles linked to remanday or linked to people and initiatives that are enhancing the remanufacturing industry, like the Remanufacturer of the Year awards.

17:00 hours – Celebrating Remanday with our RAI colleagues.
“Remanufacturing?” she asks. “I can make an educated guess, but please can you explain what it is you talk so passionate about?”. We hear this a lot from our RAI colleagues. So in order to make reman known and to present the new team members, the ReMaTec team is hosting a drink. And we all know what cover songs will be coming out of the speakers….

Rematec celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day!


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