the rematec theatre will provide the heartbeat of rematec 2017
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The ReMaTec Theatre will provide the heartbeat of ReMaTec 2017

Monday, 22 May 2017

The ReMaTec Theatre will provide the heartbeat of ReMaTec 2017, offering visitors free access to some provocative presentations and timely discussions: here are some highlights.

The ReMaTecTheatre is a focal point for the ReMaTec 2017 experience, featuring an open audience seating area where live presentations take place. All visitors are welcome, and this is the stage where reman industry specialists share their technical knowledge and expert views on market developments in interactive workshops. It is here, too, that thought leaders and industry experts will gather to unpick trends in the political, business and economic landscape and consider what they mean for the remanufacturing industry. The cross-sectoral discussions here will be some of the most revealing sessions of ReMaTec 2017, looking in particular at common goals and challenges.

Cross-sector talks
The first of these roundtables will take place on Sunday 18 June, after the Remanufacturer of the Year 2017 ceremony, and examines how EU remanufacturing can best be supported. Chaired by David Fitzsimons, director of the European Remanufacturing Council, it gathers an intriguing group of people together. On the panel will be Jens Teichelmann, director global asset recovery services at IBM; Dan Vukelich, president of the Association of Medical Devices Reprocessors; and Derk-Jan van Heerden, president of the Aircraft Fleet Recyclers Association (see Q&A on opposite page). It will be intriguing to see what thoughts these representatives of the IT, aviation and healthcare industries have about the circular economy in general and remanufacturing in particular.

Marine dilemma
ReMaTec is pleased to give the marine industry a platform on which to talk about the challenges of European StageV policy, looking at the technical and economic feasibility of these engines. Indeed, the inland shipping industry faces a dilemma: whether to invest in a new StageV engine or to upgrade by remanufacturing. Theresia Hacksteiner, secretary general of the European Barge Union and Khalid Tachi, director of Expertise Centre Inland Barging, will be discussing just that with Shawn Zwicker of Cummins.

Rise of M&A
The ReMaTec Theatre will also be highlighting some of the key trends more generally in reman – not least the growth in mergers and acquisitions. Schouw & Co’s acquisition of industry heavyweight Borg Automotive this year is only the most recent in a list going back ten years to Caterpillar’s deal to takeover Eurenov. Although there has certainly been a lot of consolidation involving reman companies over the past decade, it is open to question whether M&A is critical for success and sustainable growth in today’s reman landscape. One thing is for sure: there will certainly be learnings from the various transactions over the last decade or so, not least on crucial issues such as how you deal with private equity companies.

Electrics and hybrids
Another major movement is towards the increasing amount of electronics in cars – and the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles – which means that automotive remanufacturers are facing the need to learn new skills, or perhaps even move into new areas altogether. Craig Van Batenburg of training company ACDC will lay out some new technologies – and fresh opportunities.

China rising
Meanwhile, China is among the most significant potential markets for remanufacturing in the world and a high-powered panel including APRA US boss Joe Kripli and China expert Clemens Ortgies of FIRM will talk through the challenges and opportunities for the US-China-EU approach to reman. Throughout the show, ReMaTec Theatre will also feature Product & Market sessions, where companies offer a letterbox view of what they do. Among these is first-time exhibitor UPS Netherlands, talking about logistical solutions for remanufacturing.


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