Amazon Renewed: prime opportunity for reman?
Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Amazon Renewed: prime opportunity for reman?

These days you can buy anything online - even remanufactured parts. Ryan Moss, who handles business development for Amazon Renewed, spoke to conference attendees about the platform. According to Moss, Amazon wants Renewed “to be the most trusted store for pre-owned products where customers can easily discover and confidently save on all the brands they love”.

He explained that Renewed is a programme for vetted Amazon sellers who have demonstrated high quality and high sales volume along with other criteria. Once the supplier has been vetted, they are allowed to list inventory on standalone product detail pages where discounts are listed.

Suppliers must be able to demonstrate that the products have been inspected and tested “to look and work like new and they have to be backed by a minimum 90-day warranty”.

Amazon provides marketing support - both internal on its website and external.

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