BlackRock launches first CE fund
Wednesday, 04 December 2019

BlackRock launches first CE fund

Global asset management company BlackRock has launched its first circular economy (CE) fund with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – a sign that the sustainability movement is attracting the interest of global investors. The move is part of a new ‘global partnership’ between the organisations which “will bring together the power of investment and the value creation opportunity of a CE”. The fund itself is aimed at driving investments in businesses “already contributing to, or benefiting from, the transition to a CE”.

The foundation has identified finance as a means of accelerating this shift and says the partnership with BlackRock is a “milestone” in its “broader agenda of unlocking the power of finance and investments to scale the CE”. Its role is to give the company guidance - which will in turn shape the way money is invested – and the foundation says it is looking to do more work in finance in future.

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