Take the circular economy definition quiz
Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Take the circular economy definition quiz

Misunderstandings about how remanufacturing compares to other parts of the circular economy is one of the greatest challenges facing the industry today - especially when it comes to exporting products through customs. RIC-RIT conference participants tested their knowledge of remanufacturing and the circular economy by matching these definitions taken from various customs forms, standards documents and legislation to the following terms.

How did you do?

1. Recondition 
2. Overhaul 
3. Refurbish 
4. Repair 
5. Reuse 

___ The modification of […] a product to increase or restore its performance and/or functionality or to meet applicable technical standards or regulatory requirements, with the result of making a fully functional product to be used for a purpose that is at least the one that was originally intended. 

___ The collection, inspection and testing, cleaning, and redistribution of a product back into the market under controlled conditions (e.g. a formal business undertaking). 

___ The process of ensuring that a system continually performs its intended functions at its original level of reliability and safety. 

___ The process of returning equipment to safe and reliable operation condition while extending the service life of the product. 

___ Return the device or component to original specifications including replacing non-working components or parts outside of routine or periodic upkeep for the current owner of the device. 

(ΛI`II`III`Λ`I :ɹǝpɹo uᴉ sɹǝʍsu∀)

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