Wind turbine reman 'needs standardisation'
Tuesday, 08 October 2019

Wind turbine reman 'needs standardisation'

The nascent world of reman in the wind energy sector needs certification and standardisation – that was among the key talking points from the first-ever International Forum on Wind Turbine Remanufacturing. Held at Rematec 2019 in Amsterdam, the event brought together experts from the sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities. “Can we learn from the automotive sector?” asked David Fitzsimons, director of the European Remanufacturing Council.

“Definitely. The scale is different, but with OEMs stepping back into the market, there is a direct parallel.” Gearboxes and drives are already being remanufactured – but given that wind power is about supplying green energy, it makes no sense to send a turbine to landfill after 20-30 years, the meeting heard.


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