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Bosch showcases circular economy commitment, eyes EV remanufacturing potential at Rematec Amsterdam

Thursday, 30 March 2023

Bosch, a prominent force in the automotive aftermarket, has championed the circular economy for almost six decades. As interest in remanufacturing grows, especially with the rise of electric vehicles and battery remanufacturing, Bosch aims to showcase its commitment to sustainability and the circular economy at Rematec Amsterdam, the leading exhibit for remanufacturing.

Bosch envisions significant potential for remanufacturing in the realm of vehicle electrification, according to Peter Lukassen, Director of Sustainability at Robert Bosch GmbH. Battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric cars, for instance, have parts that will be valuable for remanufacturing. However, the volume of such vehicles is still relatively low, making it challenging to develop sustainable remanufacturing solutions for them at this time.

As the characteristics of products change and more electronic parts are introduced, new challenges and proficiencies in remanufacturing will be required. Bosch is focused on educating workshops on how to handle these parts and ensuring the industry moves forward in the same direction to make a true impact, Lukassen says.

Bosch's participation in Rematec not only helps the company showcase its commitment to sustainability, but it also enables industry leaders and experts to connect and share their views on trends and developments in remanufacturing. Sharing knowledge and collaborating is vital for the industry to move forward, especially in terms of sustainability, Lukassen believes.

“The conversations will depend on who is talking and what their interests are, but there are some fundamental topics everyone should be aware of and discuss,” Lukassen says.

The first is a general one: if we don't transition to a circular economy, the industry won't survive in the next two decades due to resource limitations and the need to reduce CO2 emissions. We need to change our value creation processes, and this requires all stakeholders in the industry to be open to changing their mindset and questioning current processes. Remanufacturing is a key element, and everyone should be committed to it.

Bosch eXchange, the company's line of remanufactured automotive parts, offers a high-quality, value-based alternative to new parts for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. These remanufactured products support the sustainable use of natural resources while also having a significant price advantage over new parts.

The circular economy is at the heart of Bosch eXchange, as the goal is to get products back and make the best possible use out of them.

But it’s part of a larger effort of companies like Bosch to show that all companies must invest in the circular economy.

“It's not a question of new vs. remanufactured, but rather the specifications of the part itself and how it's treated,” Lukassen says. “We should be willing to invest in advancing our industry and showcasing that we're moving in the right direction, making investments, and encouraging others to do so as well. We need to share our fears and uncertainties and move forward as an industry, changing the way we've operated for the past century.”

While the globe has largely emerged from the covid pandemic, we should learn from the lessons it taught everyone. 

“The pandemic exposed issues that were already there, like supply chain problems,” Lukassen said. “We took for granted that we could get new parts at any time, and everything worked without any issues. It seems like the past three years have forced us to relearn things we should have known before. Although it's not a good thing that we've experienced these crises, they have awakened us to the need for change.”

Bosch will be exhibiting at Rematec Amsterdam at stand: 08.531

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