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Magicmotorsport, the Italian company skilled in hardware and software solutions for remanufacturing at Rematec 2023!

Wednesday, 9 August 2023

Daniele Vento and Giuseppe Gaglio represented Magicmotorsport during Rematec Amsterdam 2023. What drove Magicmotorsport to choose Rematec Amsterdam to present its company?
We have decided to exhibit for the second time at Rematec Amsterdam because we consider the event an essential showcase for promoting our products. We have been active in the automotive sector for over 25 years, offering innovative Hardware solutions and exclusive Software solutions in the field of repair and reutilization of ECU (engine control unit) and TCU (Transmission Control Unit) modules.

What is Magicmotorsport's technological and commercial strategy in the field of remanufacturing?
Indeed, our strategy involves providing customers with all the necessary tools for working with ECU and TCU: from reading to writing the electronic unit to the new BMS and Inverter modules for hybrid and electric vehicles. We keep up with the times and sometimes even anticipate them!

In addition to software solutions, in recent years we have also expanded into producing a line of accessories to ensure the safety of electrical connections to the supported modules. And the added value of Magicmotorsport is our continuous and multilingual technical assistance with a highly specialized Customer Care department. We manage over 140 distributors in 40 different countries and support the work of everyone involved!

The circular economy is the keyword. How can your company be considered an added value both for customers and for the environment?
Reuse and waste reduction are a combination that Magicmotorsport has embraced for years. Many of the solutions released in the automotive market are geared towards reusing used modules. Today, programming is a must linked to reusability. Any module present in a vehicle is closely tied to electronics, which in turn is guided by a file stored within the memories to carry out its functions. Magicmotorsport enables the reading, modification, writing, and adaptation of these modules, which can then be reused once reprogrammed. Remanufacturing, reutilization, and therefore a new lease on life are the results of the advancements that products like our FLEX programmer can offer to the repair market. In addition to programming, all solutions and software that allow modification evolve in step with the target market.

How does Magicmotorsport see its future and the future of remanufacturing?
Magicmotorsport will continue the path it has taken in the automotive sector, increasingly innovating in the Research & Development of new solutions for the vehicle industry. This involves not only chip tuning but also, and especially, solutions for adaptation, modification, and remanufacturing of essential parts and components for vehicle operation. The repair market is becoming more niche and oriented towards specialized expertise. Therefore, Magicmotorsport is investing in education and dissemination of know-how, which day by day becomes more challenging to convey. And even for this aspect, we have the solution... an actual vocational school! We have created an Academy, an online training course platform, and then there are face-to-face training sessions that we organize in different countries, thanks to the efforts of Magicmotorsport staff and our distributors.

What are the upcoming events?
First and foremost, we are gearing up for the launch of a new product, related to the well-known DynoMag line. It's called DynoHub, a brand-new measuring tool for vehicles that will enable the study and implementation of new solutions in a simple and safe manner. It has been entirely conceptualized, developed, and produced by Magicmotorsport. You can also find us at the major industry events, to name a few:

  • Volrace Event Valencia Circuit
  • Equipe Auto Lione
  • SEMA Las Vegas
  • PRI Indianapolis
  • Automechanika Shanghai