Invitation to the online symposium on Innovation and Automation in Remanufacturing
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Invitation to the online symposium on Innovation and Automation in Remanufacturing

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

APRA Reman Veteran Fernand Weiland together with Professor Wolfgang Gerke and Dr. Matthias Vette of Trier University of Applied Sciences/ Environmental Campus Birkenfeld are inviting again to a follow up Symposium, but which due to the corona virus will be performed in 2020 online. The objective of the conference is to demonstrate how the revolution in traditional remanufacturing processes is being driven by innovation and automation.

The 2020 Online Symposium will include regular bi-monthly video presentations each followed by panel discussions. The first video conference will be held on Tuesday July 7th at 17:00 CET.

The programme will include the following 2 presentations:
Remanufacturing Future – by Thijs Jasink of Alec GmbH, who will focus on what challenges do we face with future electronics and it’s remanufacturing. What are the latest developments of electronics. Where are the opportunities after the COVID-19 epidemy and what will the future hold/look like for remanufacturing.

Invitation to the online symposium on Innovation and Automation in Remanufacturing
AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) operated by Alec Gmbh.

Agile Production Control in Dynamic Remanufacturing Systems – By Sebastian Groß of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, who will focus on flexibility which is one of the highest goals in modern (re) manufacturing systems. To achieve this vision and to remain competitive in the future, it is necessary to realise an agile intralogistics. In addition, special systems for production control are necessary, which on the one hand take into account the special requirements of remanufacturing and on the other hand can handle the new flexibility requirements. For this purpose, the Robotics and Control Group of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld has developed a novel agile production control systems for dynamic remanufacturing systems. The system uses AI-based optimisation algorithms for AGV and machine scheduling, resulting in a significant reduction of throughput time. Furthermore, the system can react autonomously to unexpected events and uses real-life feedback from the shop floor.

Following the presentations, to animate the panel discussion, invited to comment are:
Michael Hague-Morgan co-owner of Autocraft Solutions Group Limited and Dr. Daniel Köhler Chairman of APRA Europe.

Their will be a live Q&A after the presentations for the audience to ask questions.

If you wish more information please email to: fernand.weiland@t-online or
To attend the Symposium, you are invited to register for free at:


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