Rematec welcomed African delegation
Monday, 02 September 2019

Rematec welcomed African delegation

With perhaps the largest used vehicle imports market in the world, there are plenty of remanufacturing opportunities to be found in Africa. Rematec was proud to host ambassadors from two of the continent’s most important countries: her excellency Sophia Horner-Sam, who is Ghana’s ambassador to the Netherlands, and her excellency Mirjam Blaak Sow, who is the ambassador at the Ugandan embassy in Brussels, accredited to Benelux and the European Union.

Both ambassadors were particularly interested in the sustainable benefits of reman. Rematec is grateful to Larry and Helen Ruth Darkenoo from the Pan-African Media & Development Agency, Winifred Ijomah of Strathclyde University and John Collins of Autoenterprises, who all kindly gave their support and guidance.


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