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Turbo Armec at Rematec Amsterdam 2023

Wednesday, 18 October 2023

At Rematec Amsterdam 2023, Giuseppe Arbore introduced TURBO ARMEC, a cutting-edge showcase of products and tech know-how.

Mr. Arbore, what motivated you to choose Rematec Amsterdam 2023 to present TURBO ARMEC?

Rematec seemed like a beneficial choice for TURBO ARMEC to showcase their products for several reasons. Rematec Amsterdam 2023 is a specialized event in the field of repair, reconstruction, and remanufacturing of electronic and electromechanical components. TURBO ARMEC operates in this sector and offers related products, so participating in Rematec Amsterdam 2023 could have allowed us to reach an audience of highly interested and specialized professionals.

Rematec Amsterdam 2023 is a trade show that attracts a wide range of professionals, decision-makers, and stakeholders in the industry. By participating in the event, TURBO ARMEC thus could have increased its visibility, established connections with potential customers, suppliers, and business partners, and forged beneficial networking relationships for the development of its business. Rematec Amsterdam 2023 provides a conducive environment for generating business opportunities. By showcasing their products at the event, TURBO ARMEC captured the interest of potential customers, gathered feedback, and assessed market demand for their products. Furthermore, the event could have helped identify new trends, technologies, or partnerships that could positively impact the company's development.

What is TURBO ARMEC's technological and commercial strategy in the field of remanufacturing?

We believe that participating in Rematec Amsterdam 2023 has allowed TURBO ARMEC to access new markets and strengthen its presence in existing markets. The event attracts participants from various regions and countries, providing the opportunity to meet potential international customers or explore export opportunities. TURBO ARMEC's management believes that participation in Rematec Amsterdam 2023 was consistent with the company's goals and strategy, considering the costs and benefits associated with the event.

Circular economy is the key concept. How can your company be considered an added value both for customers and the environment?

TURBO ARMEC can be considered an added value for customers and the environment in various ways. We offer eco-friendly products and services, reducing waste and overall environmental impact. TURBO ARMEC is transparent and involves customers in the process, as this builds trust and loyalty towards our brand. We provide training courses to all industry professionals and offer comprehensive support for the machinery and products in our portfolio. At TURBO ARMEC, we believe that sustainability and corporate social responsibility are increasingly important to consumers and can be a key factor in the choice of a product or service. Remanufacturing is part of the circular economy, where products are repaired, regenerated, and reused instead of being disposed of. This paves the way for new business models, such as leasing diagnostic machinery and refurbishing regenerated components, specialized repair services, and exchange programs, as well as training programs.

How does TURBO ARMEC envision its own future and that of remanufacturing?

We see a promising future for automotive remanufacturing. The automotive remanufacturing industry is continuously growing and is expected to further expand in the coming years. Here are some trends that could shape the future of this industry:

  • Increasing environmental awareness and the need to reduce environmental impact are driving towards more sustainable solutions.
  • Remanufacturing offers an eco-friendly alternative to the production of new components, allowing for the reuse of existing parts, reducing waste, and minimizing the extraction of natural resources.
  • The automotive remanufacturing industry is benefiting from technological advancements such as automation, 3D printing of metal components, and the resulting capability for on-demand production, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies enable a more efficient, precise, and scalable remanufacturing process, enhancing the quality of regenerated parts.
  • With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, remanufacturing will also adapt to this trend. The remanufacturing of components for electric vehicles, such as batteries and motors, will become increasingly important in supporting the transition to low-carbon mobility, as well as the diagnostics of all "smart" components.
  • Remanufacturing requires collaboration among various stakeholders in the automotive industry, including vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, remanufacturing centres, and retailers. The establishment of strategic partnerships and collaborative networks can foster innovation, knowledge sharing, and overall improvement within the sector.

In summary, remanufacturing is facing a promising outlook due to the increasing focus on sustainability, technological advancements, vehicle electrification, the circular economy, and cross-sector collaboration. These factors open opportunities for innovation and industry growth in the future.

What are the upcoming events?

TURBO ARMEC will participate in Automechanika Frankfurt in Germany and Autopromotec Bologna in Italy.

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