Winning Mindsets and Taking The Next Step - Keynotes at Big R/ReMaTecUSA
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Winning Mindsets and Taking The Next Step - Keynotes at Big R/ReMaTecUSA

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Big R/ReMaTecUSA is proud to present the keynote speakers for its second edition, taking place in only a few weeks, from October 31 through November 2 in the RIO Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On November 1, after the traditional annual passing of the gavel of the APRA Chairman, catalyst for performance improvement Jay Gubrud will be giving his keynote address. A dynamic professional speaker, trainer, author and consultant with over seventeen years’ experience presenting across industries and audiences, his programs challenge participants to eliminate the everyday roadblocks to their success.

His address “Speed Traps, Pot Holes & Idiots” is designed to help the remanufacturer eliminate the everyday roadblocks to success and maintain a winning mindset. Taking the best elements of all his programs he incorporates these into one dynamic look at how to obtain success both professionally and personally.

Mike Rayne, Managing Director of FTI Consulting, will be delivering a very different keynote on November 2. An industry veteran, with experience leading business transformation and new technology introduction in North America, Asia and Europe, he shares his views on how the rapid development of technologies are influencing the remanufacturing industry and the challenges this poses on a growing sector.

Remanufacturing has grown from a very small industry to the successful part of the circular economy it is today, but the entire industry has to adapt to continuous changes – in his session “Taking The Next Step, Critical Thinking And Critical Time”, together with Ramesh Subramaniam, Mike Rayne will provide an insight into the effects of this huge development.

APRA President Joe Kripli said: "I am fortunate enough to have worked for Mike, not only is he a great presenter who will enhance the visitor’s knowledge, he is also an evangelist for our industry".

The keynote speeches are free to all visitors of Big R/ReMaTecUSA. For the full program and to register, see


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