Remanufacturers are a special breed
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Remanufacturers are a special breed

Thursday, 7 June 2018

People in the remanufacturing industry are a special breed. They don’t take no for an answer. Remanufacturers need to think out of the box. In case there’s a lack of cores, they will find another way to source them. In case of restrictions - whether legal, tax or OE policy - they find a workaround to get the process flowing. If their largest competitor needs a favour - they’re happy to serve them. You’ll never know when will be the next time you desperately need something in return. Their meetings at exhibitions and conferences seem like family gatherings where competitors sit aside and share useful best practices while enjoying a friendly drink together. It is this can-do mentality that forms the basis of a successful remanufacturing business. Since 2005, ReMaTecNews has been putting the spotlight on one industry member with the Remanufacturer of the Year (RotY) Award.

This year, instead of one main award, RotY is split into three new categories:

Best Reman Process Optimisation

We are looking for outstanding engineering quality. For example, plant managers who pushed their reman process flows to the limit, being an inspiration to others; process engineers who have adapted the latest innovative cleaning technologies, delivering staggering results; or reman programme managers who successfully integrated remanufactured components in their new production line, and so on.

Best Reman Business Innovation

Here’s to exceptional cleverness: entrepreneurial strategists who managed to open up markets that no-one has ever entered before, creating rewarding futureproof business models – or maybe remanufacturers who looked beyond borders of their own sector and found reman opportunities in an entirely different field.

Best Reman Ambassador

Last, but definitely not least, we are rewarding people or businesses dedicated to the promotion and acceptance of reman products. Whether it is within the distribution chain, on the level of politicians or with a general audience, their efforts should have been instrumental for peers and industry fellows.

We know there are many people who possess the right skills in this industry – and we encourage anyone to take part in this competition. Make sure you apply before June 26 – and may the best competitors win.

Don’t wait! Send those applications in today (or tomorrow - as long as it’s before June 26).


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