Q&A Bertel Ravn, budweg

Q&A Bertel Ravn, budweg

  • April 11, 2019
  • ReMaTec

What is Budweg’s main reman business?
We remanufacture brake caliper housings.

How do you use automation?
We started in 2012 and mainly use it in the sorting and packing area. For handling and storage we have a vertical storage lift system from Kardex and a vertical buffer for assembly operation.

Why did you think automation would help?
Efficiency improvements to reduce cost; uniformity; relieving physical, heavy work; greater flexibility.

What are you able to do now that you could not do before?
Fewer errors; easier to get extra staff in relation to fluctuations in sales; less training; better utilization of production area; shorter reaction time – lead time; and better quality.

Is any reman operation suitable to be automated?
No, not in my opinion. Working with a huge portfolio and low quantity it is difficult to get reasonable payback.

What mistakes did you make when switching?
Future customer requirements and needs were not in focus - we looked at the current situation and growth. Suddenly, a new customer with other requirements appeared!

Do you plan to bring automation into your business even more in future?
Yes. Together with an external robot company we have scanned the company for other opportunities. Four possible cases have been mapped.

Would you advise companies to explore automation?
Definitely – there are plenty of opportunities.

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