Reman: the view from Capitol Hill

Reman: the view from Capitol Hill

  • December 17, 2019
  • Rematec
  • Business operations

MERA has the ear of leading politicians as part of its extensive lobbying efforts, and the honorable Haley Stevens, US Representative for the 11th District of Michigan, addressed the MERA conference. “I represent the largest contingent of suppliers in the country,” she said. “You recognise that the circular economy is good. You can manufacture and innovate and be sustainable because it is good for your bottom line and good for our future. And that is a message I am bringing to Washington.”

Stevens explained that Congress is having conversations about the future of work, artificial intelligence and recycling technology in the supply chain. “I want to shine a light on remanufacturing and show how we can make measured and meaningful changes,” she concluded.

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