Activities at a Glance


Finding new ways to share knowledge and best practices has never been more important in the world of remanufacturing. Rematec Amsterdam is more than an exhibition. Discover new trends, best practices, the latest developments and solutions to challenges in the reman industry during three action-packed days. Featuring inspiring knowledge sessions, live demos, and face-to-face meetings.

Inspiring knowledge sessions & demonstrations

Rematec Theatre

In our knowledge programme the three main themes Electric Vehicles, Battery Remanufacturing and Sustainable Manufacturing will get extra focus. You can attend various presentations on solutions for your remanufacturing programmes. Pioneers and innovators will discuss the future of remanufacturing. Authorities will show the progress on economic, and environmental topics and the many remanufacturing challenges they are facing. Check out the three main themes >

NEW! Battery Pack Corner

Battery Pack remanufacturing is an important topic. The main focus lies in recycling batteries, which basically means extending the life of the product or component. Intact parts and components are reused, while defective or faulty components are removed or replaced. The rising demand for batteries throughout the world puts a large pressure on the Earth’s scarce resources. This means the potential for remanufacturing is high, but the traditional approach to remanufacturing is not applicable. Experience these and many other solutions yourself in our Battery Pack Corner.  

The Italian Pavilion at Rematec Amsterdam 2023

Six Italian companies are ready to join the Italian Pavilion starting from June 27th in Amsterdam. B&P Automotive, Facar, FPT Industrial, Tecnotrasmissioni, Special Diesel and R.I.D. Corona are ready to display the best of the Italian remanufacturing technology. The Italian Pavilion can be found in hall 08.440.

The road towards sustainable manufacturing

The 2030 Climate Target in the EU significantly boosts EVs and sustainable manufacturing. Optimizing product lifecycles requires knowledge and experience within the remanufacturing industry. Connect with professional stakeholders in the remanufacturing ecosystem and expand your knowledge. Together we shape the future of sustainable manufacturing and drive towards a greener world.

Join Rematec and connect with experts and find the latest news, views and analyses contributing to a sustainable world for all.

Meet the Expert

Our relaxed Meet the Expert setup allows visitors to pick the brains, in an informal setting, of experts in various areas of the remanufacturing industry. 

Rematec Awards & Reman Challenge

RotY Awards

Research, development and progressive insights are key elements to future-proof your business and contribute to a sustainable remanufacturing industry. The Remanufacturer of the Year Award is the most prestigious honour in remanufacturing. The prizes are given to a person or business that has served remanufacturing with particular distinction. Over its lifetime the award has celebrated the achievements of some of the reman industry’s preeminent names. Within the industry it is considered a major accolade. Read more >

NEW! Rematec Masterclasses 2023

This year, we will host our first Rematec Masterclasses in collaboration with Trier University of Applied Sciences (G), Rotterdam University of Applied Science (NL) and BORG Automotive Group. The challenge will connect universities and students with our Rematec exhibitors and visitors. In this Rematec Masterclasses, students will attend a program made of unique lectures from experts in the field of remanufacturing. Through dedicated queries provided by businesses, students will also gain experience in applying their skills and knowledge in remanufacturing. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions in a designated area on the show floor. Read more >