Monday, 28 October 2019

Daimler talks remanufacturing

Daimler’s Andreas Jörg, who is responsible for Remanufacturing and Value Parts & Services, talks remanufacturing and how it contributes to a sustainable business strategy in an interview given earlier this month. Jörg begins the interview by explaining how Daimler reconditions used Mercedes-Benz parts. He also goes deeper into Daimler’s core return process, the importance of the Chinese market, and customer awareness. 

As one of the biggest automotive corporations, Daimler Group takes pride in its remanufacturing division and its contribution to a positive eco-balance. Remanufacturing plays a big role in contributing to Daimler Group’s sustainable business strategy. Jörg explains that “by reprocessing and reusing materials, we make our contribution to an environmentally friendly lifecycle.” He continues by stating the aim of Daimler Group, which is “to avoid waste and the unnecessary consumption of raw materials and energy wherever possible. This is why we [Daimler Group] carry parts such as engines and transmissions over into a second lifecycle. In the future this will also be an important aspect for HV batteries. The more we succeed in reusing components, the fewer resources we will consume during the entire process.” 

Read the full interview given by Andreas Jörg here.


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