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Rematec meets Plus–EV CHARGE

Monday, 22 April 2024

Jacopo Carlo Perino, director of PLUS – EV CHARGE, presents his company, a leader in the electric charging sector for electric and hybrid vehicles.

More than two years ago, from an idea of mine and the company's founder, PLUS – EV CHARGE was born, a spin-off of PLUS Marine, our parent company and world leader in marina charging stations for tourist ports. With PLUS – EV CHARGE, we no longer focus solely on charging stations as accessories within a port, but instead integrate AC, DC, and mobile charging stations. We implement a 360-degree approach to electric mobility, thanks to a separate company with its own logo and identity. Essential appointments for our market include specialized industry fairs focused on electric vehicle charging, where we discuss vehicle charging specifically.

Definitely, the transition to electric vehicles is a topic that currently represents one of the most challenging facets of the ecological transition?

It's one of the most intriguing topics as well, because it both holds back and piques curiosity.

In the field of electric charging, what is the added value that your structure can boast?

Our company prides itself on its added value of flexibility. Unlike many multinational corporations in the sector, we are still a small and agile company. We have a growing number of employees, increasing revenue, expanding production, and the ability to manage everything with particular dynamism. We can make quick decisions, adapt, update, or personalize customer solutions very easily.

How does your company address the duo of zero emissions and sustainability?

We advocate for electric mobility from within, as we ourselves use electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles within our company. We also offer free charging services to our visitors. Our company utilizes a system of photovoltaic panels and energy storage, aiming to use as much green power from renewable sources as possible, even in the production and management of electricity within our operations.

What do you think about the issue of charging infrastructure at the Italian and European levels, still inadequate in many states?

The charging grid is growing rapidly, and we believe it will go hand in hand with the demand and usage of BEV customers. Italy already has a good charging network, and when we reach increasingly steady growth, we are confident that the network will adapt and grow alongside BEV drivers.

Do you think that in the near future BEVs will replace internal combustion engine vehicles? And what will happen to this technology?

If we're talking about the immediate future, no. We believe that the electric vehicle market will follow its own flow, growth, and timing, in which we'll eventually reach a majority of BEVs and a continuous development of this market. Internal combustion engine cars will have increasingly less prevalence in the future, with current ones saturating the market undergoing an inevitable phase of recycling and remanufacturing that won't cease.

So, there will be an inevitable end for ICEVs?

There will be an inevitable end, but it won't happen in 5 years, not even in 10 years, and probably not even in 15. Internal combustion engine vehicles will inevitably reach the end of their life and be replaced by electric ones, but there's a development time: currently, it's the time of plug-in hybrids, then will come the era of full-electric vehicles, and we'll continue like this until the majority of vehicles are replaced.

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