Robotic disassembly and automation in engine remanufacturing
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Robotic disassembly and automation in engine remanufacturing

Friday, 21 August 2020

After the successful first edition in July, the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, in cooperation with FJW Consulting, hosts the second online symposium on innovation and automation in remanufacturing on 9 September.

The conference hosts two presentations; one on new research findings and one on a best practice in remanufacturing. In a subsequent panel discussion, participants will be able to raise any questions they may have about remanufacturing.

Robotic disassembly

The first presentation is held by Duc Pham on a Robotic disassembly research at the University of Birmingham. The Autonomous Remanufacturing (AutoReman) project is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The aim of this ongoing work is to develop an understanding of disassembly, the first operation in remanufacturing, and to design techniques and systems for robots to perform disassembly tasks autonomously or in collaboration with human operators. The presentation will outline the different strands of the project and some of the results obtained.

Duc Pham holds the Chance Chair of Engineering at the University of Birmingham where he started his career as a lecturer in robotics and control engineering following undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Prior to returning to Birmingham in 2011, he was Professor of Computer-Controlled Manufacture and Director of the Manufacturing Engineering Centre at Cardiff University. His research is in the areas of intelligent systems, robotics and autonomous systems and advanced manufacturing technology.

Automatisation and Mechanisation in Engine Remanufacturing

Clemens Ortgies is the second speaker of the online conference. He’ll speak about Automatisation and Mechanisation in Engine Remanufacturing. This will be needed in the future to comply new legislation requirements for combustion engines. New combustion engine design reaches less emissions with very precise and narrow tolerance production process and automatised in process quality management. Automatised testing at the end of the line (cold test) replaces the hot test in separate test cell with running engines. These new technologies can also be applied in the final assembly during the engine remanufacturing process.

Rematec readers are invited to join the Online Symposium on automation in remanufacturing on 9 September at 17 hours CET. For more information and registration, please visit their website.


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