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Welcome to the future: let us know what you think

Thursday, 27 October 2016

As former Remanufacturer of the Year Jack Stack once wrote: “Remanufacturing is a tough, loud, dirty business.” Yet, as he knows as well as anyone, it is also an industry where complex software and cutting-edge techniques are increasingly important. Exciting developments come in different shapes and sizes: in this issue of ReMaTecNews we discuss robots, for example– but we are just as enthusiastic about the common definitions for reman which have been agreed by six different trade organisations. We applaud their efforts and look forward to seeing the fruits of that hard work.

Two of those bodies, APRA and FIRM, also want you to tell them your priorities so that they can convince politicians of reman’s importance. And they are not alone: asking for help is a theme of this issue of ReMaTecNews. We too want to take advantage of your expertise in reman. You may notice a new look and feel to the magazine, which builds on the tradition and success of the last 15 years, but also looks ahead to a bright future for reman. We want to be a big part of it. We hope you will find a lot to enjoy in this issue - from a detailed preview of Big R/ReMaTecUSA to an in-depth chat with ZF Services’ Jens Uhl.

We have also asked readers to tell us what they see as the major challenges for reman– and, most importantly, what is required to overcome them. We will be asking similar things in every issue – please suggest more topics that we might cover. Having mentioned our Remanufacturer of the Year award, you can find this year’s nominees in this issue of the magazine. Why isn’t your name there? Get involved and perhaps it will be in 2017.

For the next edition of ReMaTecNews we want to find out what you and your company are doing: please email details of your news, including people moves and new hires, product launches and innovations, deals and joint ventures to editorial@rematecnews.com (in English please).

Above all, we want to learn how best to help you: we want ReMaTecNews to connect readers with one another, to continue help fostering a sense of community in the reman sector and to provide practical information and inspiration. I am looking forward to our dialogue.

welcome to the future let us know what you thinkwelcome to the future let us know what you think


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