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Ensure reman: translate the voice of the customer to engineering metrics and into components

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

K.E.K. Vimal, Jayakrishna Kandasamy and Ángel Acevedo-Duque published a paper on ‘Integrating sustainability and remanufacturing strategies by remanufacturing quality function deployment (RQFD)’

The objective of the paper is to ensure remanufacturing by considering the possible design, material and process changes. A novel remanufacturing quality function deployment (RQFD) was developed to bring out the possible changes to the existing product. To accomplish the above objective, RQFD phase I (voice of customer to engineering metrics) and RQFD phase II (engineering metrics to components of case product) were developed.

Based on the results, the improvements options in design, process and materials were identified. The sustainability performance for the original and modified design was identified to understand the environmental benefits achieved through the proposed method. The pro- posed method has been applied to brake caliper components. The practical applications of the research are expected to help the manufacturers of brake calipers to minimise negative impacts on the environment, energy conservation and natural resources and are safe for stakeholders and are economically sound.

Request your copy of the full paper here.


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