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BBB Industries Expands Sustainable Manufacturing Capabilities to New Sectors

Monday, 29 November 2021

Company Announces new TerrePower Division, the Acquisition of Two Companies, and the Appointment of their Chief Sustainability Officer.

BBB Industries (BBB) announced its commitment to use its sustainable manufacturing operations to aid in the broader adoption of battery electric vehicles through its new division, TerrePower.

TerrePower is dedicated to solar and electric upcycling, taking a used part and sustainably manufacturing it for a second life, thereby avoiding recycling and disposal. This division will initially service the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors to extend the useful life of critical components while improving their performance.

Through TerrePower, electric vehicle batteries that fail and degrade over time, can now be given a second and sometimes third life in a battery electric vehicle or in stationary storage. Currently, almost all broken or expired solar panels go into landfills. Environmental experts estimate that more than 100,000 tons of solar modules will end up in landfills by 2035 if something is not done. As a result of BBB’s sustainable manufacturing process, these panels can now be placed back in the market as a lower cost solution.

“We see an opportunity to be a central part of the renewable revolution by extending the useful life of battery electric vehicles and solar panels. We believe sustainable manufacturing will solve the environmental and demand challenges associated with the shift to electric vehicles,” said Duncan Gillis, BBB’s CEO. “TerrePower is a dedicated division within BBB with the capability to make a significant impact in our industry as well as others."

To build out BBB’s capabilities, it has acquired two companies to bring TerrePower extensive solar expertise and market access in both North America and Europe.

BBB has acquired the assets of Ontility from N.F. Smith & Associates. The acquisition encompasses the entirety of the business. Ontility is a company committed to solar power. Based in Houston, TX with offices in Asia and Europe, it specializes in the selection, sourcing and sale of a full array of solar products.

BBB has also entered into an agreement to acquire the equity interest of Amiganet S.L., also known as Renovables del Sur, which includes all operations and subsidiaries in Europe, Mexico, and the United States. Renovables specializes in the remanufacturing and sale of equipment related to electrical energy, principally solar products and batteries, for use in electric vehicles and stationary storage solutions.

To further advance BBB’s sustainability vision and business strategy, the Company has appointed Tim Roth to the newly created position of Chief Sustainability Officer. Previously BBB’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Roth played an integral role formulating the Company’s vision and its sustainability focus. This appointment is an extension of his previous role as he will still be responsible for BBB’s global strategy and business development.

“Sustainability is ingrained in everything we do. It is at the heart of our business strategy, and as leaders, we have a responsibility to use the expertise we have developed to continue to make a positive environmental impact,” said Tim Roth, BBB’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “We believe our sustainable manufacturing practices provide a way forward for our industry as well as others, and they are a win-win for the environment and our communities.”

BBB Industries, LLC is an industry leader in the sustainable manufacturing of starters, alternators, hydraulic and air disc brake calipers, both hydraulic and electric power steering products, and turbochargers for aftermarket industries. Through Industrial Metalcaucho, S.L.U., BBB also supplies an assortment of rubber, metal, and rubber-to-metal products across more than 64 countries. TerrePower is a division of BBB that services the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors.

Founded in 1987, BBB Industries, LLC is a private company headquartered in Daphne, Alabama. Please see for more information.


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