Curtain goes up on a new theatre
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Curtain goes up on a new theatre

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The Rematec Theatre has been one of the biggest draws of the past two Rematec Amsterdam shows – a great place to hear about the latest ideas and challenges to the industry. Following the success of the concept, there will be a Rematec Theatre at the new show in Guangzhou too. It will be the venue for a host of presentations and discussions from Chinese national and foreign remanufacturing experts, ensuring that visitors are fully up to speed with domestic and international issues. The programme of events will run from Friday 11 October till Sunday 13 October, and the theatre is open to all visitors to AAG and Rematec Asia. Some highlights include:

NSF launched its remanufacturing certification programme in China in 2018 and six remanufacturers have joined. In the theatre, NSF will reward more remanufacturers with its prestigious certification. NSF will keep working with China Auto Parts Remanufacturing Association and to promote auto parts remanufacturers’ acceptance with insurers and to bring Chinese auto parts remanufacturers to the US and Australia.

Jean Paul Borsten - De Sutter
Jean Paul Borsten is CEO and owner of Dutch firm De Sutter, a family business established in 1917. For generations, De Sutter has been rebuilding engines for trucks, passenger cars and heavy duty appliances, and has been very active in the export of reman engines and engine parts. De Sutter prides itself on a true entrepreneurial spirit, and is used to working with both the independent market as well as licensed OE players.

Thijs Jasink, Alec
Thijs Jasink, managing director of Munich-based Alec, aims to convince people of the benefits of re-using electronic components. Because of his commitment to the industry he was awarded awarded the Remanufacturer of the Year award for Best Reman Ambassador 2018. During Rematec Asia he will share his thoughts and experience in the theatre.

John Chalifoux, MERA
The remanufacturing industry is often not recognised by the end user. The popularity of the industry is growing in small steps – but how could marketing and promotion be used to speed this up? John Chalifoux will present tips and tricks on reman marketing in the Rematec Theatre.

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