It’s time to shout about reman
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It’s time to shout about reman

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Reman saves money and scarce natural resources. Niels Klarenbeek suggests that there has never been a better time to tell the world about the benefits that remanufacturing offers to the world.

Eight years ago, ReMaTec conducted an independent survey among 1,000 car owners in the Netherlands. We asked them whether they were aware of the existence of remanufactured parts and whether their garage has ever mentioned or proposed remanufactured parts as an alternative to original parts, aftermarket parts, used or repaired parts.

The results didn’t surprise us. The vast majority (53%) didn’t know anything about reman parts - nor have they ever heard about it when having their car fixed (65%).

What has happened since then? The financial crisis pushed the need for cost-effective alternatives. The circular economy concept has gained awareness. The Paris Climate Agreement raised environmental consciousness from consumers all over the world. It is safe to say that there is a growing belief among general audience that the Earth’s scarce resources are not eternal and reuse could be a viable alternative.

So, with so many well informed, environmentally conscious consumers driving the streets, why hasn’t the automotive parts remanufacturing industry managed to raise the profile of reman parts as the top quality, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to new parts? I can’t agree more with Andrew Morlet, director at the Ellen McArthur Foundation, who mentioned in his 2018 World Remanufacturing Conference address: “No one knows what remanufacturing is - you all have a communication issue.”

Just think about the potential here. If consumers massively start asking their mechanics to for reman parts when having their car maintained… Or when service stations distinguish themselves from the competition as ‘green garages’ with a ‘reman first’ policy… Or when politicians institute reman-friendly policies - such as having replacement parts specified on the bill as reman or new. If these things happen, then the entire parts remanufacturing industry would benefit from a new wave of increased demand. We’d collectively move away from product push into market pull.

I strongly believe this beautiful industry - with its no-nonsense, can-do mentality - could work together to raise its profile and gain proper recognition for its top quality products. Let’s jump on the Remanufacturing Industries Council’s great train called Reman Day (11 April) and organise an inspiring public event in your neighbourhood. While we’re at it, why not also support (as trade association MERA does) Earth Day (22 April) too? There is no harm in doing both – the important thing is to get reman’s message to the widest possible audience.

What else can you do? Make sure to invite members of the press and media to your stands at ReMaTec 2019 in June. Let’s show to the world that reman is key to reducing energy consumption, cutting carbon emissions and saving scarce materials. The industry also employs highly-skilled people creating high quality products. There’s no better example of a ‘circular economy’.

ReMaTec 2019 is a great place to showcase the advantages of reman to thought leaders, politicians, automotive editors and influencers all across Europe. The world’s leading reman companies exhibit here. We have state of the art reman and diagnostic equipment, passionate core suppliers and many innovative solutions on display. As well as exciting products, we also have great people: a staggering number of years of unbeatable reman experience will be walking up and down the aisles, ready (and able) to answer any questions. That’s not a bad place to become familiar with reman, is it?

Let’s capitalise on this opportunity for the sake of our businesses and the environment.

Niels Klarenbeek


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