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Watch and read about the webinar on opportunities of electric vehicles for the remanufacturing industry

Thursday, 6 October 2022

The remanufacturing community needs to stay connected and continue to share stories, expert views and advice. The Rematec team is dedicated to serve the industry and the remanufacturing community. In the run up to Rematec Amsterdam 2023 we will organise several free to attend online knowledge sessions. The webinar on 27 September was all about the impact & opportunities of Electric Vehicles for the remanufacturing industry

In July’22 the European Parliament lawmakers voted to support an effective EU ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035. This decision will speed up Europe’s shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). As a result of this important electrical paradigm shift, and in order to prepare new strategies, remanufacturers must follow the new technical developments closely and start immediately to study and research these new systems and their new components. Short-term production changes are not yet necessary although the changes may come sooner than proposed above.

During the REMATEC Webinar – Eyes on EVs you learn what the impact of electrification will be in the near and far future. Experts from the industry and leading knowledge institutes will share their views on the opportunities and challenges for remanufacturing. What are the near future predictions towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) and what is its impact to the remanufacturing industry? How to deal with obstacles as high-voltage batteries and the logistics of classified dangerous goods?  Who will pick up the opportunities? Or is it simply too early – or late – to get involved?

Rajiv Ramchandra, founder of Re:CREATe (Recreate India Research Foundation) hosted this Rematec webinar ‘Eyes on EVs.

Speaker line-up:

  • Jan Koller (Fraunhofer IPA)
  • Michael Hague-Morgan (Autocraft Solutions Group)
  • Gregor Ohnemüller (Universität Bayreuth)
  • Fernand Weiland (APRA Europe AISBL)

Watch the recording

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