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Sensor and Artificial Intelligence Supported Identification and Evaluation of Used Parts in Remanufacturing

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Apra Europe former Chairman Fernand Weiland, Professor Wolfgang Gerke and Professor Matthias Vette-Steinkamp of Trier University of Applied Sciences are inviting again to their fifth Online Symposium. The objective of the conferences is to demonstrate how the revolution in traditional remanufacturing processes is being driven by innovation and automation.

Today, artificial intelligence enables the use of information technology in business areas that until recently seemed too complex for automated data processing and therefore mainly relied on human skills. One of those complex business areas is remanufacturing: product numbers are hardly readable on used parts, each returned part looks unique due to its signs of usage, and moreover there is a multitude of versions for each single product. That is why the identification and inspection in remanufacturing is largely done manually – which goes along with high processing costs.

The "EIBA" project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education to explore the use of digital sensor technology and AI to improve the identification and defect-detection of used parts in remanufacturing. In this session, the EIBA project team will provide interesting insights into their approach and demonstrate initial results.

“If you believe this is science fiction, it is definitely not! Core sorting is indeed a work, which can today be only performed by a well-trained person, and we are not suggesting replacing a person with a machine. But we are proposing a system, which significantly supports the person responsible to sort the incoming cores. You must be interested to see what we are proposing, because if you don’t, you may be missing the start of an exciting new future development in remanufacturing.” says organiser Fernand Weiland.

The symposium programme will include the following 4 presenters:

  • Markus Wagner, Project Manager R&D, C-ECO, Karlsruhe

  • Marian Schlüter, Deputy Head of Department Machine Vision at Fraunhofer IPK, Berlin

  • Hannah Lickert, Research Engineer, Technical University Berlin

  • Katharina Schweitzer, Scientific Officer, acatech München

Following the presentations, to animate the discussion, invited to comment are:

  • Georgios Chatzinikolaou, Core Management, STP-Parts GmbH, Director APRA Europe

  • Nicolas Chauvière, General Manager of CEVAM - Auzon (France)

The Video-Audience will also be invited to ask questions.

The organisers would be pleased to welcome you to this event, if you wish more information please Email to: Wolfgang Gerke or Fernand Weiland

The video conference will be held on Wednesday May 5th, 2021 @ 17:00 CET, duration 1.5 hours. To attend the Symposium, please register for free on:


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